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PsyAsia Neuropsychology: Online Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment & Training Courses
British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist
BPS Division of Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychologist Assessment & Screening

We offer online neuropsychological assessment and cognitive screening services as well as Neuropsychology Clinic-based assessment in Hong Kong.

Neuropsychology Knowledgebase

We’re developing a Clinical Neuropsychology Knowledgebase – a neuropsychology resource for Clinical Neuropsychologists, Neurologists, Allied Health, Patients and Carers.


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Clinical Neuropsychology Training

We’re in the midst of developing Neuropsychology Training Courses for those in allied health. These are unique in that there is very little training in Clinical Neuropsychology outside of Universities.

Neuropsychology Publications

We aggregate links to cutting-edge research, podcasts and best-practice in Clinical Neuropsychology. Stay up to date with the latest publications in the field.

PsyAsia Neuropsychology is the Clinical Neuropsychology wing of PsyAsia International, a multi-award-winning Psychological Consultancy based in Asia and working with global clients since 2002.
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