In this Perspective article, we highlight current research to illustrate the intersection of social determinants of health (SDOHs) and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD) caregiving. We then outline how public health can support ADRD family caregivers in the United States. Emerging research suggests that family care for persons with ADRD is influenced by SDOHs. Public health actions that address these intersections such as improved surveillance and identification of ADRD caregivers; building and enhancing community partnerships; advancing dementia-capable health care and related payment incentives; and reducing the stigma of dementia and ADRD caregiving can potentially enhance the health and well-being of dementia caregivers. By engaging in one or all of these actions, public health practitioners could more effectively address the myriad of challenges facing ADRD caregivers most at risk for emotional, social, financial, psychological, and health disruption.

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Soo Borson,
Fayron Epps,
Regina A. Shih,
Lauren J. Parker,
Lisa C. McGuire | September 12, 2023

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