Dementia, Volume 22, Issue 7, Page 1372-1391, October 2023. BackgroundThis study was conducted to assess Vietnam’s dementia service delivery.MethodsUsing WHO methodology, website searches of key organisations focused on three aspects of Vietnam’s healthcare system: (1) Health and social workforce; (2) Services, supports and treatment programs; and (3) Promotion of awareness and understanding. Data were analysed using content analysis.ResultsWhile key members of the healthcare workforce receive some education in dementia competencies during their training, the skill-mix of staff in the current workforce appears inadequate to address the complex needs of people with dementia. Although Vietnam’s general healthcare system comprises a good variety of service types, there is a lack of dementia-specific services. Available diagnosis and treatment services are concentrated in the hospital system and are mainly located in metropolitan areas, impacting their accessibility. While both community-based and institutional long-term care is available, institutional care is not universally accessible and home-based care is mainly provided by family carers who don’t have access to dementia care training. There is no active dementia prevention or public awareness campaign.ConclusionsTo improve the ability of Vietnam’s service delivery to meet the needs of people with dementia and their carers, the skill-mix of the healthcare workforce should be strengthened by ensuring that dementia core competencies are embedded within undergraduate and graduate education programs and making post-qualification dementia care training available. The capacity of existing community-level health and social services should be expanded to ensure that integrated, specialised and comprehensive health and social services are accessible to all people with dementia. Expanding access to institutional long-term care and making dementia education available to family and other informal carers could increase choice and improve quality of care. Finally, Vietnam could look to other countries in the region with regards to the development of a dementia prevention and public awareness campaign.

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