This month’s episode of Brain Science is an interview with Luiz Pessoa, author of The Entangled Brain: How Perception, Cognition, and Emotion Are Woven Together. This is Pessoa’s first book aimed at a general audience and it provides a concise overview of our current understanding of basic brain function. However, he also explains the limitations of the traditional modular view of the brain. A key take home point is that emotion and cognition are deeply intertwined at every level. Links and References: The Entangled Brain: How Perception, Cognition, and Emotion Are Woven Together by Luiz Pessoa The Cognitive-Emotional Brain: From Interactions to Integration by Luiz Pessoa: BS 207 (encore) Luiz Pessoa, PhD: Professor of Psychology,University of Maryland Twitter: @PessoaBrain Mastadon: @PessoaBrain Please visit for additional references and episode transcripts.   Please Visit Our Sponsors: Announcements: Please take a few minutes to complete this audience survey. The mobile app has been updated and is now called Brain Science Podcast. The app is free and MyLibsyn Premium subscribers can use it to access transcripts and other premium content. Dr. Campbell’s move to New Zealand has been delayed, but she hopes to be in Auckland by August, 2023. Please reach out if you live in New Zealand or Australia. Please subscribe or follow Brain Science in your favorite audio app and please share it with others. Get free gift “5 Things You Need to Know about YOUR Brain when you sign up for the free Brain ScienceNewsletter to get show notes automatically every month. You can also text brainscience to 55444 to sign up. Check out the Brain Science podcast channel on YouTube Support Brain Science by buying Are You Sure? The Unconscious Origins of Certainty by Virginia “Ginger” Campbell, MD. (Autographed copies are available) Learn more ways to support Brain Science at Connect on Social Media: Mastadon: Twitter: @docartemis Facebook page: Contact Dr. Campbell: Email: [email protected]

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