To investigate the pre-operative and post-operative characteristics of patients suffering from chronic back and radicular pain who had percutaneous hydrodiscectomy. Hydrodiscectomy is an advanced percutaneous discectomy technique that utilizes a concentrated, high flow water current for the cutting and simultaneous tissue aspiration of the intervertebral disc.

Retrospective cohort study at a single center. We assessed the eligibility of all patients who had undergone hydrodiscectomy in the orthopedic department of our institution for four years period. Out of 40 eligible patients, a total of 22 patients consented to participate in the study. Study period from March 2017 to February 2022.

Fifteen patients were males (68.2%), seven were females (31.8%). Mean age was 45.46 years. Patients had symptoms for a mean of 46.36 months prior to the procedure, and the mean extent of disc bulge was 5.2 mm. 68.2% of the patients reported a reduction in or complete elimination of the back pain and the radicular lower limbs pain following hydrodiscectomy. 95.5% of the patients experienced no pre-, intra-, or post-operative complications.

Results demonstrate that percutaneous hydrodiscectomy is safe and effective in patients with chronic back and radicular pain due to disc herniation.

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