Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 2, Page 234-250, February 2024. Objective: This study aimed to examine the dilemmas encountered and the countermeasures adopted by case managers, who care for individuals with dementia. The study also aimed to identify the types of support and assistance case managers require.Methods: In this qualitative study, the researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with 10 case managers, six from integrated dementia care centers and four from community-based dementia care centers in Taiwan.Results: The results are as follows: (1) Case managers providing services for individuals with dementia primarily encountered two major dilemmas, including cognitive differences (such as a lack of understanding of dementia, differences in ideas about dementia care, and distrust of the professionalism of case managers) with family members and their own insufficient professional capabilities, which made it difficult to reach a consensus on caregiving with family members and address the diverse conditions of individuals with dementia. (2) In response to these dilemmas, case managers adopted various approaches to enhance families’ understanding of dementia and facilitate reaching a consensus on care. They also improved their professional capabilities through team discussions and resource networking. (3) The support and assistance required by case managers are continuous learning, the enhancement of their professional competencies, organizational support, and workload management.Conclusion: The findings of this study contribute to an understanding of the dilemmas faced by case managers in Taiwan’s centers for integrated dementia care and community-based dementia care centers during policies implementation, as well as the strategies they adopted and the assistance they required. These results can also offer recommendations for policies, professional training, dementia services, and resources to reduce the disparity between policy and practice.

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