This page is for medical professionals such as doctors and allied care who wish to refer a patient for Neuropsychological Assessment. All others should use the intake appointment or message us using the chat icon on this page.

The Neuropsychology Referral

In the same way that radiologists can do their best work when they receive a detailed history and current differentials, the same is true of clinical neuropsychologists. We fully recognise that our medical partners are busy, however, the more detail you provide, the better we can do to assist in assessing current neuropsychological status and the more confident we can be regarding differentials.

Details to provide for Neuropsychological Assessment

  • Patient background/history (going back as far as makes sense and more so for dementia differential diagnosis)
  • Patient current medical status, including medications they are taking.
  • Results of investigations such as brain scans (MRI, CT, PET, EEG), blood tests etc. For brain scans, we prefer to receive BOTH the radiologist’s report AND the actual scans (you may upload DICOM files or links).
  • Current medical reports where available from: physiotherapist, psychologist, neurologist, family doctor etc.
  • Any previous neuropsychological assessment report.
  • Sex, age, handedness of the patient.
  • Languages spoken by the patient with native language identified.
  • The referral question (see below).

The Referral Question

Kindly be detailed…

Example of a poor referral question

Memory problems; query dementia.

Example of a helpful referral question

69y/o university educated, retired, male has experienced worsening episodic memory over the past 2 years, corroborated by family. Speed of decline appears to have increased over preceding 3-4 months. Medical history unremarkable, although some recent psychiatric issues, including depressive mood, poor sleep and intermittent bouts of anger towards wife. Please assess neuropsychological status and query cognitive decline reason.


Uploads and Confidentiality

We advise blackening out the patient’s name for privacy purposes. Name your files with the patient’s initials and a file number, and once uploaded here, kindly contact us to inform us you have completed the upload and to advise the initials used. We advise combining your documents/reports into one pdf file for simplicity. You may use the messaging app below to advise that you have uploaded files and to record your referral details if you did not include them in the upload.


The paying party varies depending on our arrangement. If you do not currently have a billing relationship with us, the patient will typically pay. In this case, they should arrange an Intake Meeting and pay the small fee for that. We refund the Intake Meeting fee if they go ahead with the Neuropsychological Assessment within one month of the Intake Meeting. The entire process typically costs in the region of US$1500-2000 for online neuropsychological assessment, depending on tests used and report required. This includes an online feedback session with the patient and family.

We offer billing relationships with medical practitioners who use our services frequently. Kindly contact us to discuss what we may be able to offer you.

What we can do…

Kindly view our current Neuropsychology services here.

What we cannot do…

  • Paediatric neuropsychological assessment
  • Medico-legal assessments
  • At the current time, we only offer assessment for medical professionals who can communicate in ENGLISH.

Meet our Clinical Neuropsychologist

If you have one or two simple questions, feel free to message us using our chat icon to the bottom right of the page. Kindly book other meetings and consults below.

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Your online meeting will be with Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr Graham Tyler. Dr Tyler is a Registered Psychologist in Hong Kong (HKPS) and Australia (AHPRA) and is a Chartered Psychologist and full member of the British Psychological Society's Division of Neuropsychology.