Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 5, Page 800-816, July 2024. ObjectivesSpeech-language pathologists (SLPs) have a crucial role in assisting individuals with dementia due to the communication and swallowing challenges associated with the disease. As the number of dementia cases rises in India at an increasing rate, investigating the level of dementia knowledge of SLP students can offer insight into the preparedness of the healthcare system to meet this emerging demand.MethodA cross-sectional survey was conducted on SLP students pursuing their final year undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees from four universities across India. Dementia knowledge was assessed using the Dementia Knowledge Assessment Scale (DKAS) and information about previous dementia exposure (both formal and informal) was collected. The collected data were analysed using quantitative methods.ResultsA total of 220 students (64.70% response rate) completed the survey. Overall dementia knowledge was inadequate with an average score of 22.08 ± 10.06. Previous dementia exposure among the students was also found to be low and did not affect dementia knowledge scores.DiscussionDespite the fundamental role SLPs play in the care of individuals with dementia, the lack of knowledge in this area emphasizes the need for enhancing dementia training programs through educational curricula and clinical placements.

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