Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 366-377, April 2024. In this article, we summarise the findings of the situational analysis of dementia care generated as part of the STRiDE: Strengthening responses to dementia care in developing countries project, including a desk review, a SWOT analysis and views from relevant stakeholders. In addition, the article incorporates the experience of 4 years of work within the STRiDE project of FEDMA, Mexico’s Federation of Alzheimer’s and other dementias and its allied Associations in presenting specific recommendations to optimise dementia care in the country. All the information gathered brings together a detailed understanding of the current dementia care systems of diagnosis, treatment, and support in general and what is lacking, allowing for the generation of general recommendations to enhance the isolated efforts currently available and amplify their impact, as well as strategies to generate new services currently unavailable, but urgently needed.

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This post is Copyright: Mariana López Ortega | May 11, 2023
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