Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 343-365, April 2024. IntroductionRecent estimations have projected a threefold increase in dementia prevalence in Aotearoa New Zealand (NZ) by 2050, particularly in Maori and Pacific peoples. However, to date, there are no national data on dementia prevalence, and overseas data are used to estimate the NZ dementia statistics. The aim of this feasibility study was to prepare the groundwork for the first full-scale NZ dementia prevalence study that is representative of Māori, European, Pacific and Asian peoples living in NZ.MethodsThe main feasibility issues were: (i) Sampling to ensure adequate community representation from the included ethnic groups, (ii) Preparing a workforce to conduct the fieldwork and developing quality control, (iii) Raising awareness of the study in the communities (iv) Maximizing recruitment by door-knocking, (v) Retaining those we have recruited to the study and (vi) Acceptability of study recruitment and assessment using adapted versions of the 10/66 dementia protocol in different ethnic groups living in South Auckland.ResultsWe found that a probability sampling strategy using NZ Census data was reasonably accurate and all ethnic groups were sampled effectively. We demonstrated that we were able to train up a multi-ethnic workforce consisting of lay interviewers who were able to administer the 10/66 dementia protocol in community settings. The response rate (224/297, 75.5%) at the door-knocking stage was good but attrition at subsequent stages was high and only 75/297 (25.2%) received the full interview.ConclusionsOur study showed that it would be feasible to conduct a population-based dementia prevalence study using the 10/66 dementia protocol in Māori, European and Asian communities living in NZ, utilizing a qualified, skilled research team representative of the families participating in the study. The study has demonstrated that for recruitment and interviewing in Pacific communities a different but culturally appropriate approach is required.

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