The fifth annual workshop on Principles and Techniques for Improving Preclinical Translation of Alzheimer’s Disease Research was held in May 2023 at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. The workshop was established in 2018 to address training gaps in preclinical translational studies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition to providing fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills essential for executing rigorous in vivo studies that are designed to facilitate translation, each year the workshop aims to provide insight on state-of-the-field technological advances and new resources including novel animal models, publicly available datasets, novel biomarkers, and new medical imaging tracers. This innovative and comprehensive workshop continues to deliver training for the greater AD research community in order to provide investigators and trainees with the knowledge and skillsets essential for enabling improved preclinical to clinical translation and accelerate the process of advancing safe and effective therapeutic interventions for AD.

Translational research is not typically available as a course of study at academic institutions, yet there are fundamental skillsets and knowledge required to enable successful translation from preclinical experiments to clinical efficacy.
It is important that there are resources and opportunities available to researchers planning preclinical translational experiments.
Here we present proceedings from the fifth annual NIA-sponsored workshop focused on enabling improved preclinical to clinical translation for Alzheimer’s disease research that includes didactic lectures on state-of-the-field approaches and hands-on practicums for acquiring essential translational laboratory techniques.

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