Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 5, Page 709-723, July 2024. Introduction and Background to Study: Published work on dementia research co-production focuses on developing health and social care interventions. Less is written about practicalities and experiences of co-producing dementia research funding applications. UK public contributors are typically from white middle class populations. Widening involvement is essential for co-produced research that meaningfully addresses health inequalities. We provide an example of a diverse lived experience group co-producing a dementia research funding application. An NIHR Dementia Career Development award funded PPIE work to develop a broad research idea. A culturally diverse lived experience group consisted of one person living with dementia, four carers and one former carer. Virtual group sessions drew on each person’s unique experiences and expertise. Two co-leads collaborated closely with the researcher. Methods: We reflected on our experiences of diversity and inclusion within the group, based on a coproduced set of questions to guide reflection. Written records of reflections were captured and refined by the group. Results: We structured reflections into three overarching categories: Diversity and inclusion, Benefits to group members and Challenges. The group felt empowered, heard, and like equals in the process. Members valued diversity and mutual learning within the group. Involvement of co-leads was seen as democratic and inclusive. Some members felt Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) discussions were challenging. Discussion and Conclusions: We share valuable lessons learned in the process, including suggestions for facilitating EDI discussions, building in funding for time and travel to support relationship building, and ensuring PPIE remuneration processes are accessible and streamlined.

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