Dementia, Volume 23, Issue 2, Page 272-291, February 2024. Psychoeducation with an active participation component is effective in facilitating family caregivers of people living with dementia to learn about the disease and gain relevant caregiving skills. However, research into the best strategies to promote active participation has received little attention, and the factors hindering active participation are also unknown. Therefore, the nine-stage framework of the Joanna Briggs Institute methodology for scoping reviews was adopted to map and identify information about the active participation of family caregivers of people living with dementia in psychoeducation. The search criteria focused on identifying primary research studies and grey literature relevant to psychoeducation with active participation that had the family caregivers of community dwelling people living with dementia as the target population. Two reviewers independently screened and selected items from the literature. Content analysis was conducted to thematically synthesise strategies mentioned in 29 articles published from 2011 and 2021. Content analysis revealed six strategies that promoted active participation: (1) the involvement of interventionist and qualifications; (2) the teaching and learning methods used to conduct psychoeducation with active participation; (3) tailoring the contents and formats to the experiences, preferences, and resources of the caregivers; (4) collaborating with caregivers; (5) facilitating sharing and support between peers; and (6) providing experiential learning opportunities. Two factors hindering active caregiver participation were negative caregiver emotions and cultural taboos. This review offers ideas for evidence-based practices that can be used by health and social care providers when planning psychoeducation with active participation for the family caregivers of people living with dementia.

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