What if what we thought to be the primary cause ofAlzheimer’swas not true? Dr. NateBergman delves into a research article published by Dr. Weaver to assess if the primary cause of Alzheimer’s can be limited to only the amyloid area. For years it has been believed that the main causes of Alzheimer’s disease are the abnormal build-up of proteins in and around the brain cells. The main toxic protein involved in this is called the amyloid beta which accumulates and builds up like plaque around the brain cells. However, in recent times, the hypothesis that originated in 2006 and was believed by many was brought into question leading to research being done on the alternative hypotheses and waiting on funding to expand the area of study accessible. The role of amyloid beta has been kept in focus when planning and prescribing Alzheimer’s disease treatment to patients suffering from it. However, it is essential to understand that one person’s Alzheimer’s is not the same as another’s. Thus, one treatment cannot be the answer for everyone. Such observation requires that this matter is dissected further to evaluate what is the core cause of the disease, how it varies, and what Alzheimer’s treatment can prove to be effective against the disease. For more information about your assessment options for cognitive issues or Alzheimer’s, contact Kemper Cognitive Wellness in Cleveland, Ohio. Email: info@kemperwellness.com Website: https://kemperwellness.com/ Phone: (216) 337-1400.

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Evolving Past Alzheimer’s