Dr Vaughan Bell is neuropsychologist in neuropsychiatry services and a clinical psychologist in psychosis services at the Maudsley Hospital in London. He also an academic at UCL where he researchers neuropsychiatric disorders and leads neuropsychology teaching within Clinical Psychology.Dr Bell argues that the roots of clinical neuropsychology lie in neurological and neurorehabilitation services and the roots in clinical psychology lie in psychiatric services. As evidence accumulates that neurological difficulties are common in people seen in mental health services and mental health problems are common in people with neurological difficulties, and patients with both often struggle to find adequate care, is it time to re-think how we orient neuropsychology at doctoral, post-doctoral, and professional level?This conversation builds on our BPS Division of Neuropsychology perspectives lecture delivered by Dr Bellhttps://youtu.be/3mSKiRyS0dg

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