The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely stressful worldwide, impacting just about every facet of life. Its impact on children has been the subject of much research since it started in 2019, particularly since the “lockdown” in March 2020. We are only beginning to understand the widespread ramifications of the lockdown and subsequent practices of social distancing and quarantining to prevent the spread of the virus on children, adolescents, and families. This study aimed to present an integrative review of the mental health, academic achievement, and social functioning of children and adolescents since the initial lockdown. While much of the research was focused on the acute phases of the pandemic, we are still left with a lesser understanding of the long-term implications. We reviewed 50 studies examining the impact on youth’s mental health, academic achievement, and social functioning, as well as the risk factors associated with poorer outcomes. We conclude that future research should adopt a broad conceptualization of the biopsychosocial, economic, and cultural impact of the pandemic on children and adolescents.

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